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Clinic Services

Proven and Professional

Assesment & diagnosis

A thorough musculoskeletal assessment is an integral part of treatment in order to achieve the best possible outcome. I take a detailed history of complaint and previous medical history followed by a full musculoskeletal assessment to ensure patient safety and to allow me to set out the best possible treatment plan for resolution of your injury.


Treatment & rehabilitation

In our clinic we use evidence based research when designing treatment plans to ensure the best outcome for each patient. I listen to your story, ask about your goals and set out an accurate timeline for getting you better and helping you reach the goals you have set out. Treatment plans involve and combination of manual therapy techniques aswell as strengthening exercise depending on the individuals condition/injury.

Strength & conditioning

Rehabilitation of an injured athlete and strength and conditioning go hand in hand. I have worked with athletes of all levels and specialise in athletic coaching, looking at exercise technique and execution as well addressing potential strength imbalances and restrictions, in order to get the best out of you while reducing the risk of potential injury. I firmly believe the best form of rehabilitation is prevention and so movement screening and functional testing is paramount in order to get your body in best condition to achieve your goals!

Weight Lifting
Image by Brooke Lark

Nutritional advice & planning

What we put into our body is often overlooked in the rehabilitation process and this is an integral part of optimizing health and performance. I keep up to date with the most recent nutritional literature to ensure  patients get the knowledge they need to improve their health and be at their best.  Nutrition plays a big role in the healing process and expert advice in this field will help speed the process along.

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